Mini beastsHello!

Firstly, thank you so much for visiting, it really is wonderful of you to stop by!

I am a freelance illustrator living in beautiful Shropshire. My day job is to illustrate people’s lovely homes, wedding venues and businesses via my online shop ‘Harriet’s Houses’. But my passion really lies in children’s illustration. I am mum to three (fairly small but rapidly growing) children, and one needy and silky-smooth whippet. Oh, and I’m married to Ed, the most tolerant person on earth.

I graduated from Nottingham Trent University, with a first class honors degree in Decorative Arts, way back in 2005. And apart from that, I’d have to say that my biggest achievement to date is that I have managed to keep three small human beings (and a dog) alive and that I even manage to get them fully dressed and fed-most days!

I love Marmite on toast, walking the dog, and the very rare occasions when two socks actually match!

I am always keen to collaborate with other artists and writers. Please get in touch to discuss illustration work, commissions and pattern design work.

Please pop by to see my new work from time-to-time, and don’t forget to say hi on my blog page!