Major Clear Out!

IMG_2990A major clear out of the studio (which had become some sort of laundry room/toddler craft dumping ground) and 7 months of very late nights, has got me somewhere near obsessed with making again! I am attempting to train myself out of 6 years worth of ‘Baby Brain’ and trying to access some of my ‘Art Brain’, though I think both are just as dippy as each other!

It feels amazing to be making again, and I am now fully obsessed with paper, painting, printing, cutting, stitching and general mess making! My poor husband now has to live with me, our three small children, a whippet, and a whole world of teeny tiny paper cuttings!! (And I’m not sure he’s had much choice about any of it to be honest!)

IMG_7768I have swapped late nights with small babies (though I still have plenty of those) for late nights with paint, paper, and a cutting knife. And I can assure you the latter is far far easier and quite a lot more enjoyable! So with ideas and stories coming out of my eyeballs, I am now trying to strike a balance between being Mum during daylight hours and Artist at night. The children may be slightly more feral but hopefully we are all having some fun!


3 thoughts on “Major Clear Out!”

  1. Di Theobalds
     ·  Reply

    I never ceased to be amazed at the talent and energy of our youngest daughter. Hopefully the website will be as successful as the art work deserves.

  2. Sam Palmer
     ·  Reply

    This is fab haz you’ve worked so hard and it’s all coming together more than nicely !! It’s awesome love ya miss ya well done xxxx

  3. Jenny Noel-Storr
     ·  Reply

    Stunningly good work Harriet, brilliant artist and mum!
    I just love your work.
    Lots of best wishes
    Jenny xx

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